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Daylight (full spectrum light) is the source of life and essential to our well being, health and development. Artificial light is a gross distortion of full spectrum light, lacking most of its spectral components. The pictures below illustrate the spectrum of lighting available in both natural as well as artificial light.

LightPipe - Daylighting System
Skyshade LightPipe daylighting systems are made to the highest standards to meet daylightins requirement for all buildings

Why Day lighting Products ?  
Working long-term in electric lighting is deleterious to health, working by daylight results in less stress and more comfort.
  • Visual Quality      
  • Good for health & Well being      
  • Energy Savings      
  • Renewable Energy Source          
How it works day_lighting_solutions_01
  Light Collector
  High impact strength, UV stable, light collector collects sunlight from all directions and delivers light effectively through out the day even at low sun angles.
Reflective System
The Speciality reflective system delivers high luminance with minimal light loss, without color shift even on cloudy days.
Light Diffuser
The intensified sunlight in LightPipe is controlled and distributed into indoor spaces by light diffuser